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Eco-Camping Australia has been established to bring knowledge of, the need for, and the benefits of eco-sensitive camping to all classes of campers all round Australia.

Eco-sensitive camping is camping without leaving anything on the campsite except wheel tracks and footprints and without taking anything except photographs.

It is our intention to provide three things.

  • A programme of public advocacy for the benefits of, and the need for, eco-sensitive camping.
  • A course of education for all campers on the benefits of, and the need for, eco-sensitive camping.
  • A rigourous certification scheme which will allow campers to demonstrate to authorities controlling campsites that they have made proper arrangements to enable them to camp in a truly environmentally sensitive fashion.

Important Note

To enable us to bring this to all campers and all authorities, we need the help of other interested parties by way of contributions of time, material and services, and funding. See the Supporters page for details.

An Explanation of our Internal Links

The Mission Statement What we are setting out to achieve
The Policies How we mean to achieve the mission
Supporters Where we seek your help as supporters.
Acknowledgements Where we thank our supporters.
Advice Some advice on eco-sensitive camping techniques.
The History Where the whole thing started
Contact Us How to contact us
The Documents The documents which define and explain the Self-containment Certification Scheme.
Privacy Policy Where we commit ourselves to the protection of personal information.
Copyright Statement Where we assert our ownership of the intellectual property of this site.

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